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Police Defensive Tactics Training

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The Han Ho Martial Arts Police Defensive Tactics Program is designed to provide officers with techniques to affect an arrest while maintaining safety and minimizing injury. Customized to meet the individual needs of the department, proven and carefully chosen techniques are presented in a comprehensive manner and taught in a highly interactive setting.

Control of the opponent is emphasized using pain compliance and avoiding the use of strength against strength resulting in little or no damage to the attacker.

Situational training sequences with minimal techniques are demonstrated against a multitude of scenarios. By providing the most effective means of defense in the quickest manner possible, the officer is taught close quarter supremacy skills that ultimately become reflex.

Each training session is customized and held at your location or ours.

Intensive and Practical Situational Training Utilizing the Most Effective Methods in Self Defense.

  • Obtain Close Quarter Supremacy
  • Techniques When Firearms are Not an Option
  • Execution Against Weapons Attack
  • Control Arrest Through Pain Compliance
  • Reduce the Use of Excessive Force to Prevent Lawsuits

…Our priority is to bring the Officers home safe.

"The training is presented in a manner easily understood by the officers and applicable to situations police officers face doing their jobs every day.”

Chief Stephen Bogert,

Washingtonville, NY

"Han Ho Martial Arts provides an effective defensive tactics training program that is tailored to the rigorous physical and legal demands that officers confront during the course of their duties. The training further reinforces the importance of developing strong mental clarity and professional composure enabling officers to remain calm and make effective decisions to minimize or defuse confrontational situations, resorting to the use of force only when absolutely necessary.”

Chief William Worden

Port Jervis, NY