Police Defensive Tactics Training

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Through years of Martial Arts training and repetition we have developed this program to be a proven, multi-faceted, tactical combat training. We build on police officers base training. We provide officers with techniques to affect an arrest while maintaining safety and minimizing injury. Customized to meet the individual needs of the department, carefully chosen techniques are presented in a comprehensive manner and taught in a highly interactive setting.

Our staff is comprised of both Law Enforcement Professionals and life-long Martial Artists alike. We cover many aspects of close quarter combat including principles of movement and balance, striking, close quarter supremacy through pain compliance, grappling, weapons retention and defense. We add cardio and strength training because being in shape could make the difference.

We understand that a police officers job isn't an easy one and their safety is our first concern. Secondly, is their ability to diffuse and deescalate, and maintain situational control. All situations call for an appropriate use of force and it’s our job to provide the tools needed to adhere to those policies.

We've helped many police officers become proficient, confident and safer on the streets through our proven tactics and methods. We can help you too. You just have to show up.

SPECIAL CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT! In addition to Department training sessions, we now have a 90 minutes class that is held every week on Thursdays from 10 am to 12:30 pm at our location in Walden. This class is exclusively for law enforcement! Repetition is key in building muscle memory. Let us help you achieve this by joining us weekly for these sessions. You do not need to be a member of our school. Pay as you go. Only $20 per session! We look forward to seeing you in class.

"The training is presented in a manner easily understood by the officers and applicable to situations police officers face doing their jobs every day.”

Chief Stephen Bogert,

Washingtonville, NY

"Han Ho Martial Arts provides an effective defensive tactics training program that is tailored to the rigorous physical and legal demands that officers confront during the course of their duties. The training further reinforces the importance of developing strong mental clarity and professional composure enabling officers to remain calm and make effective decisions to minimize or defuse confrontational situations, resorting to the use of force only when absolutely necessary.”

Chief William Worden

Port Jervis, NY