Master Mike Barnard & Instructor Kim Barnard
Master Mike Barnard & Instructor Kim Barnard

About the Owners
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Master Mike Barnard currently holds the ranks of 7th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, 4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, and 1st Dan Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo. He is also a respected Defensive Tactics Instructor in the law enforcement community and an accomplished instructor in Kickboxing as well as other aspects of MMA.

Master Barnard began lessons in the sport of boxing at the age of 3 under the tutelage of his own father who was a golden gloves champion. He then started his martial arts training with two-time Korean National Champion, Grandmaster Ki Chung Kim. Ki Chung Kim was one of the first Korean Taekwondo instructors to teach in the United States. He taught traditional Moo Duk Kwan style. Ki Chung Kim was also renowned for developing world champions Mark Williams, Herbert Perez, and Keith Kelly. Mike Barnard's point style victories in Taekwondo lead him to try his hand at full contact kickboxing. He did well with a few pro exhibition fights, but chose not to take it on as a career.

On his martial arts journey, Master Barnard received training in other styles of Taekwondo including Ji Do Kwan and Chung Do Kwan from notable masters, but he eventually found his way back to Moo Duk Kwan under Grandmaster Richard Chun. When Master Barnard was a white belt, he purchased Grandmaster Chun’s book “Taekwondo – The Korean Martial Art” on the recommendation of Grandmaster Kim. Training under Grandmaster Chun seemed to be fate. Grandmaster Chun was the President of the United States Taekwondo Association (USTA) and one of the highest ranked Taekwondo Masters in the world. He is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. He authored several important books on Martial Arts that have been translated into several foreign languages. He was appointed head coach of the U.S.A. Taekwondo team in 1973 for the first World Taekwondo Championships in Seoul. The U.S.A. Team placed second after Korea. Grandmaster Chun assisted in the organization of Taekwondo as an event in the Olympics and also served as Senior International Referee. Grandmaster Chun passed away in November of 2017. While training with Grandmaster Chun, Master Barnard was awarded his 6th Dan directly from him. Since his passing, Master Barnard has been honored to work closely with Grandmaster Fred Kouefati who is president of The Richard Chun Taekwondo Headquarters. Master Barnard received his 7th Dan in February of 2019 from Grandmaster Kouefati.

While already a black belt in Taekwondo, Master Barnard became fascinated with the art of Hapkido. He put on a white belt and began a new journey. He is a lifetime member of the World Hapkido Association and trains under the guidance of Grandmaster Tae Jung. Grandmaster Jung is an 8th Dan Black Belt and President of the World Hapkido Association. Grandmaster Jung studied in Seoul, South Korea where he trained with Grandmaster In-Shik Hwang, a 2nd generation master taught by the founder of Hapkido, Grandmaster Yong-Sool Choi. Grandmaster Jung started his career as a martial arts instructor at the United States 8th Army Headquarters in Young-San, Korea where thousands of U.S. soldiers occupied ranks until his immigration to the United States in 1982. His dedication has been appreciated and awarded by politicians, professors, and chiefs of military forces and law enforcement.

It is important to note here that Master Barnard did earn a black belt in Haedong Kumdo and does respect this art. However, he has chosen to continue his approach to sword under the guidance of the WHA.

In 2017, Master Barnard was proudly awarded a 4th Dan Master Ranking in Hapkido directly from Grandmaster Jung.


Instructor Kim Barnard holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.  She developed and is the lead instructor for Han Ho’s “Women’s Kickboxing.” She trains as a high level color belt student in Hapkido with a clear focus on earning her black belt within the next year. Instructor Kim is also known for her Defensive Tactics skills in the law enforcement community.

Instructor Kim got her first taste of martial arts as a student of Tang Soo Do in her Middle School years.  She was quite an athlete and her varied sports interests lead her in many directions with some very significant accomplishments.  While attending Oakwood Friends High School in Poughkeepsie, NY, she was a Hudson Valley All Star playing center fielder as the Captain of the Varsity Soft Ball Team.  She was also Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team and MVP Player. In addition, she played High School Varsity singles and doubles as a tennis player. During these years, she was also competed in down hill skiing for the Magic Mountain Ski Team in Vermont. She competed in slalom and giant slalom with her team at various mountains in Vermont. Plus, she competed in Nastar in Colorado and placed 9th for the State of New York!

Following College, Instructor Kim continued the sport of tennis as a player for the Sports Plex of New Windsor and competed within the USTA as a nationally ranked player.

Considering all her athletic accomplishments, Instructor Kim obviously understands the meaning of hard training, dedication, leadership, and other attributes that are essential parts of our martial arts training as well. Over the past years, Instructor Kim has dedicated herself to martial arts for more than herself, but more importantly, to lead others. Originally from Thailand, but raised in the USA, she always felt that martial arts were a part of her DNA. Those who train with her will know this to be true!